Use These Leaning Wall Pockets To Add Colorful Decorative Storage Fixtures Around The House

Sure, shelves work great for adding storage spaces around the digs.  Shelves are designed for showcasing stuff, though, so it’s not really ideal for items you simply want to stash away, like the tablet charger, the headphone cables, or your wallet.  For those particular storage needs, these Leaning Wall Pockets look like they can do a way, way better job.

Designed by Diane Steverlynck for Objekten, it’s a shelf clad in the form of a triangular prism that mounts flush against the wall.  Simply drop the objects you need to put away into the pocket and there they’ll stay, covered up by a leaning fabric-covered wall and hidden away from sight.

Suitable for living rooms, home offices, and bedrooms, the Leaning Wall Pocket comes in a selection of bold hues that can add some much needed color in any room.  The walled sections ensure it acts as a handy place to stash cables and stacks of paper that would otherwise become eyesores on a regular shelf, as well as serve as a convenient drop-off place for any item you’d like to have easy access to (gloves, keys, wallets).   It also makes a beautiful rack for reading materials, such as books and magazines, so you can free up the expanding REK Coffee Table for more important uses (like putting your smelly feet up).

Construction is plywood, with the entire thing covered in a colorful fabric.  It comes in two sizes (either 37 or 75 cm in length) and 12 color options.

Available directly from Objekten, the Leaning Wall Pocket retails for €69.

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