Learn The Art Of The Adhesive MacGyver With Stick It: 99 Duct Tape DIY Projects


Everyone knows that duct tape is the home fix-it tool of champions (you know, the type who suck at actual home construction).  That’s why getting familiar with the versatile adhesive material should be in your best interest.  But how do you train in the best practices for working with duct tape (it’s not like they teach it at night school or anything like that)?

That’s where this book comes in.  Stick It: 99 Duct Tape DIY Projects walks you through plenty of cool home activities that utilize the essential tinkerer’s companion.  After you get through even half of these experiments, you’ll likely be qualified to fix anything with duct tape – in a much more adept manner than your 10 year old sister ever could (unless she goes through the activities, too).

Since this is a craft book of sorts (with duct tape as the main ingredient), the projects involve creating stuff along those lines: wearable crap, ugly wallets and duct tape origami, just to name a few.  If you want to feel the power of the silver adhesive so you can patch up everything around the house with it, these projects should help you find the limits to its wide range of applications.

Whether your interest lies in craft, home DIY or just plain geeky obsessions, you should find plenty of value from this 88-page ode to the essential tool for those who just want things “good enough.”  Uncommon Goods currently has Stick It: 99 Duct Tape DIY Projects available for $13.

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