Leatherman Raptor Multi-Tool For Medics & Rescue Workers

Unfortunately, the Leatherman Raptor isn’t a multi-tool for fighting giant crocodiles in the event of a mutated animal apocalypse.  Fortunately, it’s still an awesome multi-tool — one that will come very handy if you ever find yourself working as a medic in a post-apocalypse Earth.

Designed for use by first-responders such as medics, EMTs and zombie attack first aid squads, the versatile contraption comes in the form factor of a folding scissor.   That way, you can fold it into a compact bundle and drop into a shirt pocket for easy access when needed.

Since it’s for medics and similar rescue workers, the Leatherman Raptor comes with a set of specialty tools for the job.  You get 420HC stainless steel trauma shears (for safely cutting clothes off injured people), a carbide glass breaker (for breaking windshields and windows), a strap cutter (for cutting seatbelts and slicing off zombie hide to make zombie jerky), a 5cm ruler (just in case you need to measure something really small, like a worm coming out of your eye after you’ve been infected), a ring cutter (for literally removing rings off fingers during emergencies), and an oxygen tank wrench (just in case you want to finally turn off the supply of air to that alien strapped in the bed).

It will come with a MOLLE-compatible polymer holster that’s designed to hold the multi-tool securely.  You can store it in the holster either folded (smaller) or opened (if you need it for quick deployment).

The Leatherman Raptor will be available in May 2013.  No definite word on price, although rumors say it will cost around $70.

Stay tuned for more info.