Leatherman Ratchet Driver Gives Your Bit Driver Multi-Tool A Ratcheting Mechanism For Extra Twisting Power

Leatherman has a variety of multi-tools with a bit driver onboard, which allows you to tighten and loosen a variety of screws, provided you have the proper bit on hand. It’s convenient. While they’re easy enough to use for fastening screws, taking out stuck screws is usually a bit harder, requiring a bit more leverage than what you can get with many multi-tools. The Leatherman Ratchet Driver gives you that much-needed leverage.

Designed to work with all of Leatherman multi-tools with integrated bit holders, the accessory slots onto the bit holder to add a ratcheting mechanism that will allow you to apply more twisting force without having to constantly change your grip. Granted, it’s not really small enough to integrate seamlessly into your multi-tool while it’s in your pocket, but it is small enough to easily find a spot in your EDC pouch, ready to deploy when that need to remove a stubborn screw arises.

The Leatherman Ratchet Driver measures 3.26 inches long, so it adds a decent amount of length to your driving tool, giving you the extra leverage necessary to apply more torque with your wrist. It fits flush into the bit holder on any Leatherman multi-tool, while giving you a magnetic bit holder at the business end to secure your bits in plac. According to the outfit, it can fit all standard ¼-inch bits, as well as Leatherman’s own proprietary flat bits, so you can use it with whichever bits you have in your toolbox.

It has a direction switch that you can set to either clockwise or counter-clockwise, which will prevent any turning motion in the opposite direction. That way, you won’t accidentally tighten a fastening hardware when you’re actually trying to take it out. Hey… we all occasionally tune out while in the middle of driving screws sometimes. Setting the direction switch at the center allows you to freely twist it in both directions.

The Leatherman Ratchet Driver has a grooved body to facilitate a secure hold, in case you need to grip it near the top, while a stainless steel construction ensures this won’t break or bend on you, no matter how stubborn the darn screw you’re trying to remove is lodged in its slot. For light fastening tasks, the 3.25-inch length should also be enough for you to use its body as a grip, so you can even tack on screws in place without having to bust out the multi-tool in your pants pocket or bag pouch.

According to Leatherman, this will work with popular multi-tools like the Charge+, Skeletool, Wave+, Surge, Signal, and more. Around 20 multi-tools in the outfit’s inventory are compatible with the accessory, likely making this a useful addition to anyone’s EDC stash if it also includes a Leatherman multi-tool in there. If you use a sheath for your multi-tool, there’s a chance it also fits in its accessory pocket, which should make it easier to keep them together in the same spot.

The Leatherman Ratchet Driver is available now, priced at $29.95.

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