Specialty Tools Make The Leatherman Signal More Useful For Your Next Outdoor Adventure


A multi-tool is a must-have when you’re going on outdoor adventures, allowing you to carry useful tools while minimizing the amount of space they take up. The Leatherman Signal, however, does general-purpose multi-tools one better, adding several items you’re bound to find useful in meeting the challenges of the wild.

Three tools, in particular, set the Signal apart from the rest of Leatherman’s line. Namely, a ferrocerium fire starter, which you can use with the other side of the saw to get a fire going, in case a bear ate your Zippo or something; a removable diamond-coated file for keeping your favorite blades in slicing shape throughout the duration of your stay; and a loud whistle that you can use to communicate with your group, in case cell signal isn’t bountiful in the patch of the world you’re exploring.


Traditional Leatherman fixtures that are likely to find use during bushcraft are also onboard, of course, including pliers, an awl, a saw, wire cutters, a hammer, and a can opener. Oddly enough, they decided to throw in a bit driver, probably just to annoy people into coming up with ways to find use for a bit driver in the middle of a camping trip. Hey, maybe you’ll find an alien spacecraft in the woods and want to unscrew some panels, so you can take home a memento or something. It could happen.

Unlike the Leatherman Tread, the Signal comes in the brand’s familiar pliers form factor, complete with a removable pocket clip for easily bringing along with you. Slated for availability in the summer, the Leatherman Signal is priced at $120.