Leatherman Tool Pouch Crams Seven EDC Pockets Inside Its Compact Shell

Multi-tools are great, allowing you to carry a whole load of functions in a relatively compact package. Problem is, they tend to fill out an entire pants pocket, leaving less room for your phone, wallet, earbuds, or whatever else you keep as part of your everyday carry. That’s where EDC pouches come in and one of the biggest names in multi-tools now offer one in the form of the Leatherman Tool Pouch.

A compact EDC pouch, it gives a handy place to store small EDC gear, such as multi-tools, flashlights, writing instruments, and more. Even better, it has individual pockets inside, allowing you to easily organize stuff that would normally be moving around on top of each other in your pocket.

The Leatherman Tool Pouch is a small pouch that measures 6.25 x 3.625 x 1.5 inches (height x width x depth), making it just big enough to fit most pocket multi-tools, folding knives, and other similarly-sized gear. Despite being small, the interior compartment actually comes with seven individual pockets, allowing you to organize all that small gear into their own little nooks. Not only will it accommodate your multi-tools and pocket knives, it should serve as a handy place for chargers, cords, pens, and a whole host of other gear you like to keep with you throughout the day.

At its size, it’s small enough to actually slot into most clothing pockets, allowing you to carry it in your pants or jacket. You can also squeeze it pretty easily into any pouch on your backpacks. Alternatively, it comes with loops – one on the side and one on top, so you can strap it to your pack or integrate it with other gear.

The Leatherman Tool Pouch is made from durable nylon ripstop, so it can withstand the bumps and grinds of daily use, ensuring it won’t easily damage from being a regular part of your everyday carry, all while packing natural water resistance, so it should be able to handle spills and the occasional foray in rainy weather without getting you gear wet. To ensure water doesn’t get in through the opening, it uses the same water-resistant zippers PACSAFE uses for their secure bags, as well, so it gets the bare basics of protecting your stuff. There doesn’t appear to be any padding, though, so your gear is on their own as soon as you drop this off a substantial height (basically, don’t put anything fragile inside).

It should work with a variety of pocket multi-tools both from Leatherman and other brands, with the outfit listing popular models such as Charge+, Free P2, Free P4, Curl, Signal, Super Tool 300, Wave+, and more as being a perfect fit. From what we can tell, so long as a multi-tool fits snugly in your pants pocket, it should fit inside as well, making this useful for most folks who don’t use one of those larger multi-tools and knives as their EDC essential of choice.

Want one? The Leatherman Tool Pouch is available now, priced at $29.95.

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