Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit Gives You A Quick-Fix For Most Repair Jobs

One of the main reasons we carry a multi-tool is to fix stuff. It’s a great thing to have when you need to tighten a nut, pull out a nail, or replace a damaged screw. However, there are a whole load of repair jobs you just cannot do with a simple multi-tool, even if it is one as versatile as Leatherman’s Wave+. If you really want to be ready to fix stuff in a pinch, you’ll want something like the Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit.

A curated collection of items you can use to fix things in a jiffy, the kit bundles the Wave+ multi-tool with other popular repair products, so you can perform quick-fix solutions when anything breaks, tears, or falls apart as you go about your day. Whether it happens in your home, at work, or in the thick of the elements in the backcountry, this thing lets you patch holes, fuse breaks, and perform other repairs in a jiffy.

The Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit is built around the outfit’s Wave+, a pliers-style multi-tool that gives you access to 18 separate functions that you should find indispensable when you don’t have access to your handyman toolbox in the garage. These functions include two pliers (regular and needlenose), two 420HC steel knives (one flat edge and one serrated), two bit drivers (one small and one large), a medium flathead screwdriver, two wire cutters (one regular and one heavy-duty), a wire stripper, a saw, spring-action scissors, an electrical crimper, a ruler, a can opener, a bottle opener, and two files. The tool is one-hand operable and outside-operable, with every single tool able to lock in place during use.

Like we said, of course, a multi-tool won’t help you fix a tear on your jacket, a hole on your raft, or a broken camp chair. As such, they bundled it with some of the most popular quick-fix solutions out there to let you post temporary solutions to common things you’re bound to encounter.

The Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit, for instance, comes with 10 yards of duct tape for quickly reattaching any broken object, as well as super glue for smaller items you need to bond together in a more precise manner. There’s a non-adhesive thermoplastic tape that boasts a tensile strength of 1,000 pounds per strand, allowing you to fix broken tools and equipment in such a way that they can retain their full function, all while being easily removable, so you can take the tools for a more permanent fix once you have access to a repair shop.

There’s a sewing kit and gear patches for fixing holes, tears, and other damage to clothes, bags, and other fabrics, as well as safety pins for holding fabrics in place while you wield your thread-and-needle magic. Other items in the kit include electrical tape, zip ties, 50 feet of paracord, 19-gauge wire, a box of waterproof matches, and a shop rag, so you can clean stuff up after a quick and dirty fix.  The whole kit is packaged in a custom carry case.

The Leatherman Wave+ Repair Kit is available now, priced at $175.

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