LED 130 Might-D-Light: Portable Lighting You Can Stand, Fold, Stick And Hang


Your car conks out in the middle of the road.  It’s late in the night.  No worries, you know your way around automobiles and you’ve got a flashlight.  Oh wait, you need both hands to fix the car – you’re screwed.  With the Cooper Lighting LED 130 Might-D-Light, you don’t have to be.

When spread open, the lighting equipment can stand upright.  Simply prop it on a flat surface, angle it so the light is facing you and proceed to work in the dead of the night.  It comes with a nylon swivel hook so you can hang it from the hood when you need to tinker with the engine, as well as magnets along the body so it doesn’t dangle.


A portable worklight that folds for easy storage, it should easily fit into your emergency car repair toolkit.   Sure, it won’t quite slide in the same way a flashlight would, but the slim panels and unobtrusive design won’t take up that much extra space either.

The LED 130 Might-D-Light comes with 80 small LED bulbs that never need to be replaced, providing ample lighting for even the darkest conditions (equivalent to the output of a 60 watt incandescent).  It features durable polycarbonate lens to protect the lights, with reflective strips around the body to help improve your visibility on the road.  The hook can rotate up to 90 degrees, so you can position it to work with the two embedded magnets to angle the lights.  It comes with both AC and DC adapters, so you can charge both at home and in your car.

You can grab one for yourself for $39.

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[Might-D-Light via ToolMonger]