LED Animation Box: Four LEDs, Some Silly Drawings And You’ve Got Your Own Cartoons


Nothing to watch on TV?  Make your own entertainment with the LED Animation Box, a toy that lets you create and watch your own four-panel animated cartoons ad infinitum, till you’re as sick of it as HBO.

Aaah… what I would have done as a child to get my hands on something this cool.  Simply sketch your four action scenes on the provided drawing panel, slip it into the box, flip the switch and off you go – your original animated creation, showing on its very own TV-like box.

A rudimentary rear-projector, the LED Animation Box uses four LED backlights that alternately go on and off.  As a result, the lighted area in the clear sheet gets projected onto the display panel.  Done fast enough, it looks like a continuous animation reel that goes on and on…and on some more.  In case you get bored with the stick figure murder scene playing over and over, simply pull the drawing board, erase the existing doodles and put a new one on.

The finished product measures 8.3 x 4.1 x 2.0 inches, with all the necessary electronic components included in the kit.  You’ll have to put them together yourself, so you can get creative and deck out the exterior any way you want (it’s just cardboard).  If you house it in a nice enough box, it can probably make for a very dynamic shelf decoration.

The LED Animation Box is ready to fulfill your childhood cartoon-making fantasies for $24.  Check out the video below to see it in action.

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