LED Broom Lamp Makes For Unlikely Accent Lighting

A broom is one of those things you don’t really want lying around the house, so you hide it in a supply closet and bust out only when you’re up for a little housecleaning.  That’s why we’re not really  sure if we really love the MoodBroom Lamp just yet, an accent light disguised to look like a broom.

Designed by  Pēteris Zilbers and Mārtiņš Straupe, the unlikely lighting furniture is dressed up like a real broom.  In fact, if you turn the LEDs off and your mom is visiting, she’ll probably try to sweep your grubby floor with it.  Except, it’s not actually intended to work as a broom, so those bristles at the bottom are completely fake (boo).  Would have been sweet if they weren’t, though — I’m sure even cleaning ladies can appreciate some mood lighting while they’re sweeping filth off the ground.

The MoodBroom Lamp measures 63 x 18 x 8.5 inches, making it genuinely mistakable for a real broom when parked in a corner of a room. Construction is wood and plexiglass for the body, with composite material used for the bristles.  Just like every proper accent lighting installation, it comes with a remote for switching from color to color to match your ever-changing moods.

We’re not sure if it’s for sale, but the lighting furniture is listed on the website as coming in black and white.  If it’s not, it probably won’t be that hard to make your own: just buy one of those remote controlled accent LED units online, duct tape it to a broom and there you go.  It definitely won’t look as elegant, but it could do the job.

You can learn more about the MoodBroom Lamp from the designer’s website.

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