LED Light-Up Shoelaces Will Illuminate The Ground You Walk On

Want to make something instantly awesome?  Put LED lights in it.  Want to make something instantly tacky?  Do the same thing.  We’re not sure which one you’ll end up being when you wear the LED Light Up Shoelaces, but we’ll definitely commend you for daring to look like an absolute dork.

Perfect for TRON fans who can’t wait till all that light-up merchandise begins coming, the laces can be used much like any regular string that ties up your sneakers.  Since it’s  essentially just a long cord, you can use it to accessorize any part of your ensemble, too.  You can tie your ponytail with it, hook it around your belt or wrap it in your wrist like a band, ensuring everybody sees you coming when the night has come and the land is dark.

Each LED Light Up Shoelace measures 35.4 inches long and comes fitted with a barrage of those cheap, tiny LED lights.  It has three settings, Steady, Flash and Double Flash, each succeeding one likely to draw more attention than the one before.  Included batteries can only last a few days, so make sure you keep replacements if you find yourself permanently drawn to illuminating your feet.

The retail page claims the transparent plastic material it’s made from is durable enough to withstand regular use and can “last a long time.” It’s washable and has no protruding wires, as well, so it should be safe to wear.

Available in pairs, the LED Light Up Shoelaces retail for $9.95.  It comes in four different colors: red, green, orange and blue.

[LED Light Up Shoelaces via 7Gadgets]