Use The LED Magnetic Pickup Tool To Retrieve Screws In The Most Awkward Places


If you work with a lot of nails, screws, and bolts, chances are, you occasionally lose some of them in small gaps, tight crevices, and other awkward-to-reach positions. Simply put, they end up downright impossible to reach. Unless, of course, you have something like the LED Magnetic Pickup Tool sitting in your toolbox.

A retractable rod with a magnetic head, it lets you reach into the tightest spaces to retrieve any nut, bolt, or screw you ended up dropping inside the area. The magnets are strong enough to pick up small hand tools, too, so you can drop a screwdriver, wrench, or knife into the same space and easily retrieve it with this handy contraption.


Aside from a magnetic head, the LED Magnetic Pickup Tool comes with a LED light on the tip, which you can switch on to help illuminate the area, with a flexible neck that allows you to position it at any desired angle for more effective function. The same flexible neck can be used to wrap around objects or hook into them, too, giving you an option for retrieving items that the magnet can’t quite handle.


It can be extended to lengths of up to 21.9 inches for reaching far and deep, all while measuring just 6.7 inches when collapsed, ensuring it will fit inside any standard toolbox. The LEDs, by the way, are powered by four LR44 batteries.

Available now, the LED Magnetic Pickup Tool is priced at $8.99.

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