Leffot Billfold Simplifies Your Wallet

Over the years, billfolds have evolved into full-sized wallets that have more pockets and features than you could care for.  In fact, I’ve all but given up on today’s bulky wallets and have resorted to carrying a money clip for holding cash instead.  If you feel the same way, the Leffot might be for you.

Bringing simplicity back to notecases, it uses a single sheet of leather cut in a T-shape.  Lay your cash on the top of the “T,” fold three times and you’re done – your cash is neatly bundled and ready for tucking safely  into your pocket.

The Leffot uses a single piece of Horween shell cordovan, those gorgeous pieces of tanned and retanned animal hides (the company says it’s horse ass leather, which would be so awesome if it was real).  It comes in two sizes – one that measures 2.5 x 2.75 inches when folded (for US dollars) and one with 2.5 x 3.5 inch dimensions (for larger bills, like Euros and Yen).  The latter can also fit credit cards and regularly-sized IDs, so you can carry plastic if you need it.

Neater than a money clip and tons more elegant than a standard wallet, this tri-fold beauty should easily be the billfold of choice for the anti-wallet generation.  If such a generation ever exists, of course.  Which it doesn’t.

Cash-carrying minimalists can get the Leffot in a variety of tanned leather finishes.  Two caveats, however: one, it doesn’t appear to be available anywhere except their store over in New York City; two, it’s damn expensive at $95 for the smaller version and $120 for the bigger model.

[Leffot via Cool Material]