Evolution Brush Combines Your Pre-Shaving Tools Into One


Most of us have done away with using a shaving brush in place of just slapping the cream on our faces. It’s faster, uses less tools, and works well enough anyway. There are, however, real advantages to using a shaving brush. It’s cleaner and leaves no muck on your hands, all while allowing you to spread the cream all over your face without using too much product. Simply put, it’s a lot more efficient. If you’ve been considering giving the old shaving brush a shot, you might want to look at the Evolution Brush.

A modern twist on the classic shaving tool, it combines the old-school brush with a screw-on cap that’s meant to replace your shaving cream’s dispenser. When used, it serves as both a dispenser and shaving brush, allowing you to release the cream into the brush in a precise manner every single time. That’s right, it combines all your shave-prep needs into one, making the whole process a whole lot simpler.


Designed to fit on the cans of every brand of shaving cream and gel in the market, the Evolution Brush can be easily integrated into your shaving routine, regardless of whether you use regular off-the-shelf creams, colorful gels, or any other product to prepare your face for a nice, clean shave. To use, simply swap it in place of the shaving cream can’s existing dispenser, screw it on nice and tight, put the brush up to your face, and press down to release some shaving cream. From there, you just spread it around to create a thick lather just like you would do using any traditional shaving brush.

According to creators, Legacy Shave, the brush doesn’t merely spread the shaving product around your face. Instead, it also stimulates and lifts the hair follicles while you move it all around your skin. This results in hair that’s a whole lot easier to shave off, ensuring a close and clean shave whether you use a single-blade safety razor, disposable razors, or a straight razor like a veritable badass. It also allows you to properly lubricate your face while using a minimum amount of product, ensuring you can stretch your shaving cream or gel for a lot longer than usual.


Of course, the Evolution Brush doesn’t need to be restricted to your face. From shaving your back and chest to your armpits and other nether regions, this thing could serve as a truly handy tool for all your shaving needs. While guys will be the obvious targets for this product, Legacy Shave claims this should make a great product for women, too, as it should help them have an easier time when shaving their legs, along with whichever other hairy body parts they like to keep properly landscaped.

Sold as a complete shaving kit, the Evolution Brush Gift Set bundles the screw-on shave brush with a bottle of pre-shave oil, an aftershave balm, and a black double-edged safety razor with a pre-installed blade.

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