Legion Pallet Coffee Table Can Double As A Cart

Looking for a new living room piece to replace that aquarium coffee table you just broke?  Consider the Legion Pallet Table, which looks like a cross between a coffee table, a push cart and a shipping pallet.

Made by… uhh… Made.com, each hand-crafted furniture is built off the wood from used shipping pallets.  It comes complete with the original travel stamps and whatever distresses the wood has received over the course of its previous life, making for a unique living room accent that can also prove handy when moving stuff around the house.

The Legion Pallet Table uses solid slabs of pine salvaged  from the same pallets the company uses to deliver their furniture.  The pine is sandblasted for a textured finish, then waxed to a dark golden brown shade.  To facilitate moving around, it comes with four wheels, including two with brakes (so they don’t end up moving around all the time).  And if you hate putting together furniture, don’t worry — every piece comes fully assembled.

Even though it looks odd for a coffee table, this actually brings plenty of advantages:  there’s lots of surface area for your stuff, there’s no glass to break and it’s almost guaranteed to draw attention away from your horrible Fridge Sofa.   Plus, you can use it as cart to push heavy cargo or as a platform when you need something low to stand on.

Granted, a coffee table this low only makes sense if your living room is filled with beanbags and stools.  Oh wait, it is.  The Legion Pallet Table is available now at Made, priced at £249 .