This Book Compiles Arguably The Most Comprehensive Collection Of LEGO Facts And Trivia

If you spend a good amount of your free time tinkering with LEGOs, chances are, you know a lot of things about the quintessential construction toy. No matter how much you know, however, there are always more things to learn. If you want to further expand your stock of construction toy trivia, you should definitely check out LEGO: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know.

An illustrated compendium of LEGO knowledge, the book compiles copious amounts of information, from facts and trivia to charts and statistics. There’s plenty to dig through here, making it a veritable treasure trove for LEGO fans, both casual and hardcore alike, who are interested in getting to know more about the long-running construction toy.

LEGO: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know puts a spotlight on LEGO over 240 pages, exploring hundreds of historical trivia, interesting facts, and well-researched statistics, accompanied by illustrations that make poring through the book a whole lot more fun. Want to know all the color hues used on the bricks currently in production? They have a big chart for that. Want to see the wide variety of minifigures they’ve cranked out over the years? They have tons of them in the book. Did you know that there were no LEGO minifigure crooks for all the police minifigs to catch until 1993, which means older LEGO collectors were forced to turn their erstwhile law-abiding minifigs into master criminals? Yeah, they have that interesting tidbit, among a whole host of others, here in the book.

If all that sounds fun, you should definitely pick up LEGO: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know.  It’s available now.