Learn To Make Buildings, Cathedrals, And More With The LEGO Architect


Ever wanted to make complex architecture using LEGOs, but don’t quite have the necessary skills to actually start a project of that scale from scratch? Maybe the new book The LEGO Architect can help get you up to speed.

Written by Tom Alphin, the book takes readers through the history of architecture, with a specific slant on using LEGO pieces to create structures from the period. Not only can you learn about the different styles that have gained prominence through the years, but actually build some of the most important examples of architecture from the different eras.


The LEGO Architect covers the important periods in the evolution of architecture over 192 pages, exploring neoclassical, prairie style, art deco, modernism, brutalism, and postmodernism, all the way to the present day’s “high tech” style. Each one is inspected through the lens of LEGO, explaining how to build everything using the popular construction bricks, from art deco towers to neoclassical cathedrals to modern, high-tech skyscrapers. All aspects pertinent to building architectural projects are covered, including exploring the way each type of LEGO component plays into a project, building to the correct scale, and recreating specific architectural elements.


Twelve architectural projects are included in the book, showing you how to recreate specific buildings, complete with step-by-step instructions. These projects consist of prominent structures produced in stunning detail, too, including Fallingwater, Burj Khalifa, and the Lever House, so you can add some outstanding LEGO buildings to your collection with a little work.

Slated for release September 25th, The LEGO Architect is priced at $18.50.

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