LEGO Batcave Shadow Box Recreates The Caped Crusader’s Subterranean HQ From Batman Returns

If you’re a Batman fan, chances are, you already have a few action figures in a display shelf somewhere. Maybe, you’ve even got a few Batmobiles and Batwings along with them. You know what we rarely get? A detailed recreation of the Batcave that you can proudly display alongside those toys. That’s why the new LEGO Batcave Shadow Box feels like such a special set.

Yes, LEGO’s newest addition to its Batman line brings an elaborate Batcave model to the mix, allowing you to see the Caped Crusader in a more relaxed setting where he can test out his toys, plan out his crimefighting, or play an arcade game to unwind after a long day at Arkham Asylum. There’s no arcade cabinet in the Batcave? Not a problem – just throw in an arcade game prop from one of your other LEGO sets and it probably won’t look too out of place. Plus, it’s going to make Batman way more relatable. He’s just like us.

The LEGO Batcave Shadow Box recreates the Dark Knight’s secret lair as it appeared in the 1992 Batman Returns movie. Yes, that’s the one where the Michael Keaton version of Batman faced off against Danny Devito’s sewer-dwelling Penguin. Even better, the model lets you set up the Batcave inside a shadow box frame, with a Batman logo silhouette serving as the box window to give you a stylized view of the Caped Crusader’s elaborate subterranean headquarters. That’s right, they put the Batcave in a shadow box, making for a really terrific display piece, whether for setting down a shelf or mounting up a wall.

Like most big LEGO sets, of course, the box is designed to be opened, giving you full access to the Batcave’s interior. Made up of two levels, the detailed Batcave features a parking platform for the Batmobile, multiple walls of tool storage, a communications console, and even movable furniture, so Bruce Wayne can lounge around when he feels like putting the suit down and kicking back a bit. There’s also a large computer screen with swappable displays, an illuminated vault for the Batsuit, and various ladders and railings to really bring the Batcave’s subterranean aesthetics to life.

The LEGO Batcave Shadow Box actually comes with a pretty detailed version of the Tim Burton Batmobile to park in the Batcave, complete with an opening roof to let Batman into the cockpit, hidden shooters that pop out when you turn the cog on the side, and even a flame element that you can attach to the exhaust to show it in fiery action. Naturally, there are minifigures in tow, including a pair of Batmans, as well as one each of Bruce Wayne, Max Shreck, Penguin, Catwoman, and, of course, Alfred, so you can have someone attend to the Batcave while you’re off in the streets of Gotham fighting crime. It comes with a total of 3,981 pieces, so this is quite the involved build, with the fully-assembled model measuring 20 x 11 x 5.5 inches (width x height x depth) when closed in shadow box form.

The LEGO DC Batman Batcave Shadow Box comes out June 8th, priced at $399.99.

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