LEGO Reveals Incredibly Detailed 4163 Piece Big Ben Set


Recreate a piece of history with the Big Ben clock tower from LEGO. This is an expert-level model, so if you’re looking for a challenge with which to test your LEGO building skills, this set is a great choice. The 23 inch high LEGO structure looks incredibly detailed with its 4,163 pieces. Make no mistake about it, Big Ben should be outrageously fun to construct and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

Before we continue, here’s a quick history lesson. In the Palace of Westminster in London there’s a massive clock tower. The official name is the Elizabeth Tower, but this monolithic timepiece is so well known that residents of London simply refer to it as “The Clock Tower” or “Big Ben.” It’s become a world-renowned icon of British culture—there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve seen it on more than a handful of postcards whether you’re from the United Kingdom or not. And now you can build it yourself in glorious LEGO form!

The LEGO edition of Big Ben is a tribute to the stunning architecture that went into the actual clock tower, and LEGO has managed to produce a faithful rendition of the historic tower. You’ll have the opportunity to hand-build nearly every detail, ranging from windows, shields, a sidewalk, a lawn, a tree (which is present in the actual location), and a facade, complete with statues.

But what about the clock itself? This is where LEGO has really outdone themselves. While the clock won’t tell time for you, you will find that each of the dials are fully adjustable. The hours and minutes hands of Big Ben are also adjustable—it can be any time you want. The roof of the structure is removable to give you access to the belfry. Speaking of which, yes, the belfry has a rendition of the Big Ben bell in it.

Rated by LEGO as being appropriate for building fans over the age of 16, after you finish constructing Big Ben, it’s perfect for display in your home or office. As one of the more elegant and dare we say mature offerings from LEGO, it’s an impressive collector’s piece. And if you’re a collector, you’ll be delighted by what’s included with this set: there are several rare pieces that you’d be hard pressed find elsewhere, including unique LEGO flowers, ski poles, and corner plates in a molded gold coloring. You’ll also find quite a few tinted and/or translucent pieces in the set, which are present to add to the already high level of detail and realism.

Overall, young builders as well as older LEGO veterans will be pleased with not only the quality of this set, but the sheer magnitude. Even if you’re not a huge LEGO fan, you can’t help but marvel at it—this would make a great gift for your architect friends. Available beginning July 1st, 2016, this is more than a worthwhile addition to any LEGO collector’s models. The set will retail for US $249.99.