Just Revealed – LEGO Creator Ford Mustang Set 10265

LEGO Creator series no doubt has some pretty exciting sets and adding one more amazing item to its collection, the company has officially revealed the 1960s Ford Mustang set 10265. We managed to get hold of the press release as soon as possible and couldn’t keep our excitement under control at all.

After all, this is one of the most unique sets with attention to intricate details found in the retro car. A lot of LEGO games and building sets are based on iconic locations, movie scenes and so on. Whenever the company turns their attention to smaller objects such as an iconic car, you can comfortably expect it to be one of the best and every detail that you might find in the vehicle will be perfectly presented.

Origin of the Set

When designing new content, LEGO always works in partnership with the original content makers. They acquire exclusive rights in order to bring them to life and the 1960s Ford Mustang is no different. The team worked closely with the engineers at Ford as well as veterans who worked on this vintage model.

Cars have drastically changed in the past few decades and a modern day Ford vehicle may hardly have any resemblance to this Mustang. The first striking aspect of the set you will notice is its brilliant dark blue body which has been duly accentuated with white racing stripes.

The official logo of the Mustang, grille badge, bonnet scoop, and GT emblems are all available as individual stickers. When you are working with hundreds of pieces, make sure you take your time to fill them up appropriately to get the best looks out of your car. When compared to many other gameplay LEGO sets, this one is more of a collector’s edition which you can set up fully and place in your display collection.

Attention to Intricate Details

We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail the designers at LEGO have provided to this Creator Expert set. It looks fantastic on the outside including the bumpers, the color choices, and tires with additional road grip. They have also provided a bunch of customization options including a collection of different designs for the number plate. They are available with different numbers, fonts, colors and shapes so that you can pick your choice.

Other additional components including rear ducktail spoiler, supercharger, and even a nitrous oxide tank is provided. When you are planning to show off your vintage Ford Mustang, you can choose to add one or a mix of these components to get a new look every month or so. The exhaust pipes are rather large in size and they are another pair of add-ons that provide that muscular look to the car.

If you are a big lover of vintage cars, you will probably know that the LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang (10265) 1960s model belongs to the muscle car category. When you start removing the roof and other parts, you will be pleasantly greeted with an authentic Mustang V8 engine and it is possible to spot the air filter, hoses and battery as they are painfully crafted to match their real-life counterparts.

The detail to the interiors of the Ford Mustang doesn’t end there because it also has realistic seats, mid-console gearshift and a steering wheel that works as it turns the wheels whenever you rotate it. The rear axle life can be manually adjusted to get a mean look.

The 1960s Ford Mustang Lego set uses 1,470 pieces, is suitable for kids aged 16 and up, comes with a 212-page build guide and will cost approximately $149. Set will be available beginning March 1st 2019 at shop.LEGO.com