You’re Going To Love Building This 13-Inch Long LEGO Creator Expert London Bus


LEGO fans looking for something challenging to build have plenty of playsets to choose from among LEGO’s Creator Expert line. If you have a thing for vehicle sets, you might be interested in the newest addition to the collection: the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus.

That’s right, there’s a new London Bus LEGO set with more pieces, more details, and a lot more challenging build than the last one we’ve seen. It’s sized to scale with other vehicles in the Creator Expert series, too, so it will look like a legit version of the iconic British public transport vehicle right next to the Ferrari F40, Volkswagen Beetle, and Volkswagen Camper Van you own from the same collection.


The LEGO Creator Expert London Bus recreate one of the principal icons of the city in all its familiar glory, from the double-decker configuration and the bright red color scheme to the open rear boarding deck and the destination sign out front. It’s quite big at 13 x 7 x 5 inches (length x height x width), so you can actually have plenty of fun with this thing, especially with those functional wheels and tires. The roof and upper deck are both easily removable, so you can easily access the interior on both levels for customizing with minifigures (like filling it with your Disney minifigure collection and sending the bus straight to hell… or something) and other elements.

A panoramic windscreen leaves the driver’s cab in complete view, which you can access without having to remove the upper deck by opening the sliding door on the left side, while a hood that can open lets you fiddle with the engine to keep it in tip-top shape. And because buses normally come with advertising posters on the side, this one comes with a reversible banner, so you can have authentic-looking ads on the side of your double-decker. The ads on either side, by the way, are themed, with one looking like it’s from the 1950s and the other looking like it’s from present-day. That way, you can make your bus look either retro or contemporary, depending on how you’re looking to outfit your display case.


Of course, the LEGO Creator Expert London Bus has just as much detail inside. It comes complete with seats (that are distressed and worn out, to boot), hand poles and other elements you’ll normally find in a London Bus vehicle, like a ticket bin, a fire extinguisher, and a half-spiral staircase that connects the two levels of the bus. Other random items inside include a forgotten umbrella (which is, probably, a staple in every bus), newspaper, an empty beverage can, and discarded chewing gum pieces. Yes, you can probably throw some of your trash in there, too, just to make things seem even more authentic.

A total of 1,680 pieces come with the set, so this build will probably take a good chunk of time to finish. There are no minifigs with the set, by the way, although it does come with all-new pieces including standard-tread tires, red quarter bows, red arches, and new bricks with vertical studs.

The LEGO Creator Expert London Bus is available now.

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  • The London bus comes with an array of brick-built details, including large windows, bright red...