FIRST LOOK – LEGO Just Revealed Surfer Themed Iconic VW Beetle Set


The iconic 1960s Surfer VW Beetle is back with this LEGO Creator reproduction set. This Azure-Blue colored set comes with a roof mounted surfboard and cooler box that can be removed. Other features include curved fenders, flat windshield, VW logo, and an authentic 4-cylinder air-cooled engine and fuel tank. Set will be available in August 2016 for US $99.99.

LEGO enthusiasts already know that the long-standing block-building company produces a lot of high end and “realistic with a LEGO twist” models.

The 10252 Volkswagen Beetle is no exception—we got our hands on an exclusive preview, and really can’t even begin to express what a high quality offering this affordable model is.

If you manage to get your hands on it, you’ll find that the LEGO recreation of this classic 1960s Volkswagen Beetle—the 10252 model, specifically—is a spot on reproduction of the actual vehicle. You’ll have a great deal of fun putting together the flat windshield, curved fenders, and accessible engine compartment. Speaking of the engine, this 4-cylinder, air-cooled engine was as faithfully recreated in LEGO as possible—sure to delight those familiar with the actual Volkswagen Beetle model.


Excellent LEGO Realism For an Iconic Vehicle

It’s possible that our favorite feature of this LEGO reproduction of this 1960s Volkswagen Beetle is the really gorgeous color scheme that the designers chose. The model features a vibrant azure-blue paint job, and the “chrome” fenders and trim accent it nicely. The Volkswagen logo is an excellent touch.

The interior if the model is fully accessible, which means that you’ll have room to build and play with the beige-colored seats (which have the ability to tilt forward and backward), the dashboard, and movable steering wheel. The top of the vehicle, once built, allows you to place and remove a surfboard and a cooler box—a very nice touch that adds a lot of flavor and character to this model.

Features of the LEGO 10252 Volkswagen Beetle

This LEGO model has a lot of features which add to its functionality and realism, such as:

  • Four different stickers to choose from for the license plate (a nice customization option)
  • Removable cooler and surfboard
  • Tilting seats that provide access to a storage space which contains a realistic beach towel
  • The hood can be lifted, providing builders with full access to the fuel tank and spare LEGO tire
  • Fully accessible interior

Special LEGO pieces included are the Volkswagen logo, a new windshield design, and arched fenders. This model is over 5 inches high and 10 inches long. It makes for an excellent display piece once assembled—perhaps in the garage?


Final Thoughts

This expert-level, 1,167 piece collectible LEGO model is an excellent addition to anyone’s LEGO collection, particularly if they’re fans of vintage vehicles. If you know someone that loves LEGO and Volkswagen Beetles, this would be an absolutely perfect gift—if they’re from a generation where these vehicles were commonplace, they’re sure to appreciate the rather surprising level of detail and functionality and experience a sense of nostalgia that can’t be matched.

Recommended for ages 16+, parents can still purchase with confidence if they plan on spending an afternoon with younger LEGO fans to put it together, as it isn’t quite as complex as other expert-level LEGO models. At US $99.99, this model is not only a great representation of a classic 1960s vehicle, it’s a great value as well.