LEGO Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale Brings a New D&D Campaign to Life

Dungeons and Dragons is widely credited as the game that kicked off the modern tabletop RPG, with its fantasy setting, creative characters, and open-ended gameplay proving to be more engaging than the traditional military wargames that came before it. And while numerous RPGs have come out since its initial launch, it remains the market leader for most of its 50 year existence. That’s right, D&D is half a century old this year and it’s getting its first LEGO set to commemorate the occasion in the form of the LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale.

Created in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast, the set gives you a fantasy setting fit for an actual D&D game, with a dungeon, a tower, a tavern, and even a massive fire-breathing dragon. Heck, they even sell a similarly-themed campaign book and buildable dice box, although both are available as separate purchases.

The LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale has a tall four-level tower that’s filled with interesting items at every floor. On the ground level, there are skeletal warriors guarding the tower entrance, complete with their magical tools and weapons of choice, while the second level hosts a shrine to Tiamat, the powerful five-headed dragon goddess. Next level up, you get a room filled with magical tools and concoctions, while the final level, which only has half its floor left, plays host to some potted plants, with a flag hoisted at the very top.

The tower is attached to subsection of a castle, which features two floors. The upper floor hosts a prison room, some weird mushrooms, a campfire, a cat-like monster, and a secret entrance to the base of the tower. The lower level of the castle area is meant to serve as a dungeon, with all sorts of creepy objects like you would expect in a medieval dungeon.

The LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale also includes a two-level tavern, so your questing party can take break, enjoy some libations, and even catch some sleep in the comfy sleeping quarter upstairs. Just outside the castle section, by the way is a meadow area, with an awakened area, a Beholder creature, an Owlbear, and more. Designed to stand on top of the castle area is Cinderhowl, a massive red dragon with moving wings and tail, allowing you to really play with an articulated dragon when you use this set in your campaigns.

Four character minifigures are included, namely an elf wizard, a dwarf cleric, a gnome fighter, and an orc rogue, so you get the classic D&D party, along with a dragonborn inkeeper minifig, and the evil sorcerer Ervan Soulfallen. A total of 3,745 pieces are included n the set, so this will make for quite the fun build. Once finished, by the way, the whole thing measures 19 x 14.5 x 12 inches (height x width x depth).

The LEGO Ideas Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon’s Tale is available now for LEGO Insiders, with general availability slated for April 4th. Price is $359.99.

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