Finally, A LEGO Exo Suit For All Your Space Exploration Fantasies

Building LEGO spaceships is fun and all, but if you’re going to build a LEGO space diorama, it needs a colossal mech to stay current with the times.  And now you can with the LEGO Exo Suit, an articulated mech designed to aid humanity’s quest to explore and conquer worlds beyond our own.

Originally designed by Peter Reid for the unofficial book, LEGO Space: Building the Future, the set lets you build a minifig-piloted mech that looks perfect to throw in with your favorite LEGO Space sets, wreak havoc on your miniature metropolis like a robot let loose in SimCity, or wage battle with your Xenomorph X121 action figures.  Yeah, this will be fun.

The incredibly-detailed LEGO Exo Suit features complete sets of limbs, a usable cockpit that opens and closes, and a modular design that lets you customize it to suit your world domination plans.  It comes with fully-articulated limbs, complete with claws that can grab objects, so you can have plenty of fun playing with this thing long after the build is done.  Standing over 8 inches tall, it’s a formidable figure to add to any collection, with so many greebles that make it so fascinating to inspect.

Set comes with minifigs of Pete and Yves, both in green spacesuits with the Classic Space logo, as well as a robot turtle.  Do note, this set comes with a lot of small pieces, so you might want to do the build in a contained area, so as not to lose any.

Available now, the LEGO Exo Suit retails for $34.95.

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