LEGO Icons Concorde Lets You Build Your Own Supersonic Airliner

Few commercial passenger aircrafts have captured the imagination more than the Concorde, the tailless airliner with the slender shape that traveled the skies at over twice the speed of sound. It’s a true marvel of engineering. Of course, it was also a commercial disaster, having been prohibited from flying above land due to the sonic boom sound it produced that was absolutely terrifying to people on the ground. Basically, it limited the kind of flight routes it can offer, eventually leading to all existing Concordes being retired by 2023. Suffice to say, the original Concorde didn’t quite revolutionize air travel the way they intended, but now it can revolutionize your display shelf with the LEGO Icons Concorde.

That’s right, you can build yourself a model replica of the most popular supersonic airliner in history, allowing you to transport your minifigs from one airport to another at record speeds. And it’s every bit as glorious-looking as the real plane it’s based on, recreating its iconic lines and even some of its mechanical functions.

The LEGO Icons Concorde is a stunning model of the aviation icon, recreating its smooth lines in a manner that’s downright impressive for something put together using construction blocks. It’s massive, too, measuring 41.5 inches long, ensuring it makes a substantial presence wherever you decide to show it off at home. Suffice to say, they were able to recreate the likeness of the original plane in a spectacular manner.

Like modern LEGO builds aimed at adults, there are plenty of moving parts here that should continue to keep you busy long after you’ve finished the model. The noose and visor, for instance, are both able to tilt down, making it easier for pilots to see the runway during landing, with a deployable landing gear that you can let down whenever you’re putting the plane is on the tarmac.

The LEGO Icons Concorde has delta wings with movable elevons, allowing you to simulate controlling the aircraft’s pitch and roll, as well as hinged upper and lower rudders for maneuvering it through the air. You can also remove part of the fuselage to expose the passenger seating area inside, allowing you to board the darn thing with your minifig collection. Sadly, they didn’t recreate all 100 passenger seats, instead integrating just a section, along with the lavatories, which is still a good load of detail for a model plane.

A total of 2,083 pieces are included in the set, so this will make for an immersive build that can keep you glued to the table for hours over several days. When fully-assembled, the finished model measures 41.5 x 17 x 6 inches (length x width x height), so you better clear some display space if you want to put this anywhere in your home. The set comes with a stand for the finished model, by the way, which allows you to display it at various angles to resemble flight, takeoff, or landing stances.

The LEGO Icons Concorde comes out in September. Price is $199.99.

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