LEGO Icons Jazz Club Lets You Add A Nighttime Hotspot To Your LEGO Tabletop City

Some people collect LEGO sets that tie in to their pop culture fandom. Others pick up larger sets for the building challenge they present. Then, there are those who buy models to build their own tabletop city. If you’re among the latter, you’ll definitely want to check out the LEGO Icons Jazz Club.

Scaled to look perfectly in line with other modular building sets like the Bookshop and the Downtown Diner, the model lets you add some nighttime entertainment to your tabletop city, giving your minifigs a place to kick back and relax while enjoying some live music. Finally, a watering hole for your minifigs to black out and get into fistfights at the wee hours of the morning, which should help keep your streets humming all day and night.

The LEGO Icons Jazz Club actually allows you to build a pair of buildings: a three-story structure for the actual nightclub and a two-floor pizza store next to it. That way, your minifigs can grab a slice after a night of drinking and dancing to put a stamp to a perfectly fun evening. The jazz club building is an old-style red brick structure with stained glass windows and a unique 45-degree doorway, the first for a LEGO model. Above the doorway sits a triangle-shaped marquee and the club’s sign right atop it.

Like other modular buildings, the set lets you build not just the exterior, but the interior, too, with the ability to lift each floor, so you can get access to every level. The ground floor, of course, is the main jazz club, with a small stage, overhead lighting, and customer seating, creating a lively party atmosphere, while a small manager’s office sits on the opposite side. There’s a dressing room for the band and even a tailor’s workshop. Why a tailor? Who the heck knows, but if your minifigs want to get their pants or jackets fixed whenever they went out to enjoy some jazz, they can do it here.

The LEGO Icons Jazz Club’s adjacent building, the pizza shop, comes with those classic Italian awnings on the ground floor windows, a pair of balconies on the second floor, and a table out front that’s covered by a pizza-shaped canopy. The interior is just as detailed as the jazz club, with an ordering counter, a brick oven, and a number of small details (like shelves of condiments), as well as a rooftop greenhouse where the pizzaiolo can grown their own tomatoes, green peppers, oreganos, and whatever else they want to put in your pies.

It comes with eight minifigs, including a jazz singer, a drummer, and a bass player, along with a pizza chef and a host of patrons. The whole set comes with 2,899 pieces, so this will take some a bit of work to finish, making for a fun, immersive set you can sink yourself into for some time. Once assembled, the two-building model measures 11.5 x 10 x 10 inches (height x width x depth).

The LEGO Icons Jazz Club is available now, priced at $229.99.

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