LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell Brings The Fellowship Together Again

If you watched The Lord of the Rings, then you know that Rivendell is where the Fellowship was formed with the express purpose of destroying the One Ring. That’s why, it’s such an important place to the franchise and its fans, as it marks the starting point for the quest that would, eventually, end Sauron’s reign. Now, you can relive all the memorable events that went down at the magical Elvish otherworld with the LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell.

No, LEGO isn’t making a model of an entire valley town. They’d probably have to sell you a dozen new sets like they do with their modular building sets to get something like that. Instead, this appears to be a model of Elrond’s fancy home in the forest, where many of the memorable events in the early part of the Lord of the Rings story take shape.

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell lets you recreate the House of Elrond, with its tall towers, colorful roof, and all the memorable rooms where Middle-Earth history was created. They have the Council Ring, of course, which comes with a semi-circular ring of chairs for the council to sit in, as well as a table where the ring can be set down while the council argues about the best way to destroy it. There’s the room where Bilbo and Frodo reunited after the hobbit’s brush with the Ringwraiths, the shrine with the Shards of Narsil, an Elven forge to ensure the armory is well-stocked, and Elron’s cluttered study.

A white gazebo outside the main building gives your minifigs a place to relax and admire the nature views, as well as a bridge connecting the two structures, where you can pose the Fellowship crossing to start their journey. There are plenty more details, too, from paintings and statues to all sorts of Easter eggs diehard fans will love, making for a model that’s potentially as fun to inspect over and over as it is to assemble.

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell comes with smultiple detachable parts. You can, for instance, take off the entire Council Ring to show it off as its own display piece, while the gazebo (with the bridge attached) and main building can also be displayed separately. Of course, it works best to have them all in one place to really dial in on the story and take you back to the first time you saw the movie (or read the books, whichever applies).

The set measures 29.5 x 15 x 19.5 inches (width x height x depth), so this is a pretty big model. How big? Well, it comes with 6,167 pieces, so you’re going to be investing a whole load of time putting this together. Given how much time you probably spend on your LOTR fandom, though, we doubt that’s an issue. It comes with 15 minifigures, by the way, including the entire Fellowship of the Ring (all nine of them), along with Bilbo, Arwen, Elrond, Gloin, and the two Elven smiths that reforged the Narsil.

The LEGO Lord of the Rings Rivendell comes out on March 8th, priced at $499.99.

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