LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster Is So Big That It Can Fit A 9-Inch LEGO Iron Man Inside Its Cockpit

We’re big fans of the Hulkbuster, Iron Man’s armored suit that was custom-built to fight the Hulk. It’s like the regular Iron Man suit on steroids with its massive size, immense strength, and incredible durability.  LEGO knows it, too, which is why they’ve put out several Hulkbuster sets over the years. With LEGO sets getting bigger and more detailed, the Mark XLIV Iron Man Armor is an obvious choice to get the same treatment, which they’re doing with the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster.

Like many new LEGO sets aimed at adults, this one is massive, standing at nearly 21 inches tall, which makes it large enough to manhandle even larger Star Wars starships in your LEGO collection. Seriously, this is one big Hulkbuster figure and you can put it together brick by brick.

The LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster lets you build a detailed recreation of the 44th version of Iron Man’s suit in its signature dark red and gold colors. It reproduces every exterior element in great detail, from the armored plates and mech-like proportions to the tank-like build. Suffice to say, it’s one intimidating beast. While the legs are actually fixed, the upper extremities are fully jointed, giving it articulation at the shoulders, elbows, wrists, and even fingers.  That’s right, you can pose the upper extremities in a whole lot of ways, so you can depict it doing everything from destroying the Daily Bugle like a robot kaiju to taking down Star Wars gunships like they’re nothing.

Like the Hulkbuster suit from the Avengers: Age of Ultron film where this is based on, it’s fitted with multiple arc reactors to power the entire armor, including on the chest, palms, and knees. And yes, they glow, too, with three made using powered light bricks and others using glow-in-the-dark pieces. No, it doesn’t look like they have the full set of arc reactors as the movie version (which supposedly has 11), but having a few on there does make for a much more realistic-looking design.

The LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster actually has a cockpit that can be accessed by turning back the helmet and lowering the chest plates. However, instead of fitting a minifig, it’s sized to fit an entire LEGO figure inside. Specifically, it’s been sized to house the LEGO Marvel Iron Man Figure (76206), a 381-piece figure made for kids that stands just over nine inches tall. That’s right, this thing is so big, it can fit an entire 9-inch figure inside its cockpit, allowing it to recreate the scale between the regular armor and the Hulkbuster as seen in the movies.

Dimensions are 20.5 x 18.5 x 9.5 inches (height x width x depth), so the darn thing isn’t just tall, it’s absolutely massive from all angles. It’s also going to take a fair amount of time to build with its 4,049 pieces, so expect to set aside an entire weekend (maybe more) to put this thing together. It comes with a stand sporting an information plate and a Tony Stark minifigure.

The LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster comes out November 9th, priced at $549.99.

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