LEGO Minecraft Lets You Build Your Own Cubic Micro-World

Minecraft, with its near-limitless potential for creativity and exploration has become one of the surprise gaming hits of the past couple of years.  To put simply, it made playing alone cool again.  With its sandbox gameplay that involves building things with bricks, it was only a matter of time before a LEGO collab happened and now it’s here: the official LEGO Minecraft Micro World Set.

Originally a project proposed at LEGO Cuuso, the set became the first submission to receive both 10,000 votes of support and LEGO’s official review approval.  The set looks exactly like a Minecraft build, too, which is kind of worse than a regular LEGO set, but is terrific all the same.

To recreate the cube forms used in the game, the LEGO Minecraft Micro World uses a 1 x 1 plate with a tile on top.   While not exactly perfect, it is a close enough representation that the build should go the same way as it will in the game.  A total 480 pieces are contained in the set, which include two blockier than usual minifigures in the form of Steve and one Creeper.  The actual set comes together to form four separate cubic vignettes, which you can put side by side to form one larger “micro-world.”  The surface of the modules can be removed to reveal mines and hidden resources, just like in the real game.  Of course, you can build you own landscapes as you wish, too, for even more fun.

The LEGO Minecraft Micro World set will debut in the summer.  You can preorder from JINX now for $34.99.