Lego Sort And Store Hides Your Bricks Inside A Giant Minifig Head

You got too many Legos.  You keep a ton of them in a trash bag.  A bunch in a spare drawer.  A few in a shoebox.  They make for fine storage places and all, but these Lego Sort and Stores definitely make for more fitting containers.

Made by the same original brick-makers from Denmark (yep, it’s no shady copycat), the boxes are styled in the form of oversized Lego heads, large versions of the skulls that come with regular minifigs.  And, yes, it looks like it can connect with your Lego Storage Boxes, too, allowing you to build giant Lego characters.

The Lego Sort and Store is a giant minifig head, complete with the almost smiling face in the classic yellow color, measuring 12 inches in height with a 10-inch diameter.  Instead of just one large box, though, it comes with three levels: the bottom for small pieces, the middle for medium-sized bricks and the top for large ones.

To use, lift off the top lid, dump your bricks in, close it back up and start shaking.   Yes, you can go dancing to the rhythm while you shake, but that’s not what it’s for.  Using grids that separate the different levels, shaking automatically sorts the bricks according to size, helping keep your stash of stackable pieces more organized.

If you want to put some semblance of sense to the madness that is your giant Lego collection, the Lego Sort and Store container should prove some amount of help.  It’s available now for $44.99.