LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant Could Be The Perfect Desk Plant For Retro Gamers

Having a plant on your desk is nice and all, but having to water and tend to an actual living thing on your messy workspace just doesn’t seem like a great way to go about things. Yes… we mean, you’ll probably just kill it. Of course, artificial plants can make a nice stand-in, but it just feels so odd using a lifeless plastic plant to add a touch of green to a space. If artificial greenery is your only sensible recourse, the LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant should make for a more interesting option.

That’s right, you can ditch the plastic foliage in favor of carnivorous plastic foliage that likes to take a bite out of jumping plumbers, which, let’s be honest, is just absolutely more fun. Sure, it won’t bring life to the space the way a real plant would, but it will definitely bring a few laughs along with it. Plus, it might help you keep those goofy plumbers out of your workspace.

The LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant is a detailed model of the carnivorous plants that you encounter all throughout the iconic NES franchise, recreating the bulbous head, large mouth, and meat-tearing sharp teeth that have made it such a dangerous obstacle that you need to avoid while trying to clear a game level. It takes on the traditional likeness of the piranha plant from the franchise, so you get the red head with white polka dots, two leaves (one on each side), and a green pipe planter.

The best part is that the model is poseable, with the ability to adjust the position of the head, mouth, stalk, and leaves. That way, you can make it look like its watching guard from one direction (where your boss usually comes from), trying to chomp at the monitor, or chewing on minifigure all on its own. Yep, you can open its mouth wide and give it as terrifying a pose as possible.

The LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant comes with 540 pieces, so this should make for a fun build you can do with your kids. Yes, it’s aimed at kids, although given how Super Mario tends to attract a good chunk of the older gamer crowd, we have a feeling we’ll see a good number of dads picking up this box, too. When assembled, the model measures 9 x 4.5 x 6.5 inches (height x width x depth), making it big enough to make a prominent presence on your desk without taking up too much of your precious workspace. According to the outfit, it comes with a pair of coin elements, just to complete the aesthetic.

While most of LEGO’s Super Mario releases are designed with electronic components and interactive features, this is not one of them. Instead, it’s actually an old school LEGO model – one that’s meant for display similar to the Bowser figure, rather than interacting with the outfit’s existing roster of Super Mario sets.

The LEGO Super Mario Piranha Plant comes out in November, priced at $59.99.

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