LEGO Table Football Lets You Build A Playable Tabletop Mini-Foosball

A full-sized playable LEGO foosball table sounds like an awesome idea. Problem is, building something that huge will take a lot of bricks, definitely way more bricks than the 9,000 or so included in the gigantic LEGO Creator Colloseum. That’s why for the outfit’s take on the arcade room staple, they decided to make a fully-functional miniature version in the form of the LEGO Table Football.

That’s right, LEGO made a working foosball table that lets you perform snake shots, bank shots, and tic tacs using good, old minifigures. Sure, it’s much smaller with less room to perform dazzling moves, but if you’re a LEGO fan, this should make for a rare LEGO set that’s both incredibly fun to build while still being fun to play with other people afterwards.

The LEGO Table Football is, basically, a miniature foosball table put together using construction bricks. Because of the smaller scale, there’s not enough room to recreate the eight rods and 22 foosball men found in the standard game, instead opting for a four-rod, 10-player setup like other miniature tabletop foosballs. Each player gets to control two of the rods – a three-bar by the goal and a two-bar near the center line, so players can still perform cool passes, fancy blocks, and devastating shots, albeit on a much smaller field with LEGO’s equally small minifigs.

Unlike the nondescript foosball men found in standard games, the minifigs here are actually distinct characters, with 44 different swappable heads and 43 hairstyle elements that let you change up how your team looks. A total of 22 minifigs are included, half of them wearing red jerseys and half wearing blue, so you can change up your five-man team any time you feel they’re not performing up to par. What do you do with the rest of the minifigs when they’re not in play? Well, it also comes with a grandstand where you can have them sitting in as audience members to cheer on all the on-court shenanigans.

The LEGO Table Football comes with full raised walls, so you can pull off bank shots like in a regular foosball, as well as grips on the rods so you can get a good handle on them each time you perform a turn. At each end of the table, you get five sliding color-coded balls you can use to keep track of scoring. And yes, scoring is all manual, so you can cheat the heck out of the game if you feel like it.

The table measures 16 x 10 x 6 inches (length x depth x height), so this is even smaller than most miniature tabletop foosball games we’ve seen. However, it does look stable, complete with corner legs that elevate it from the table surface, so it’s perfectly playable. Despite the smaller dimensions, it comes with 2,339 pieces, so this will require some time investment to build, too. Oh yeah, the player minifigs look like standard minifigs as well, so you can probably use your Marvel, Disney, or monster minifigs as foosball men for even more fun.

The LEGO Table Football comes out November 1st, priced at $249.99.

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