These LEGO Table Lamps Are Made With Real LEGO Bricks

I guess we’re still a couple years away from functional beds and couches made entirely from LEGO.  While waiting for those, maybe we can light up our bedrooms with these LEGO Table Lamps to tide us over.

Created by LEGO Certified Professional Sean Kenney, it’s a lighting furniture built entirely from LEGO bricks.  Well, not entirely — the shade isn’t LEGO and the electric parts obviously aren’t either.  Still, this is as much LEGO as you can realistically slap onto a lamp without rendering it useless (seriously, a LEGO shade just doesn’t make sense).

The LEGO Table Lamps use only one color of bricks for each lamp, so it’s not as tacky if they left the designing up to me.  The good news?  You can totally add more bricks, so you can seriously raise the tackiness on this thing.  Want to add your Minecraft minifigs on it?  Looks possible.  How about a spaceship or a mini-castle?  Yep, will probably work.  The bad news?  Tackiness is probably the reason you’re single again, so you might want to think about your life choices.

Each lamp comes in one of five different designs, with a variety of color options, so you can totally pick one that suits your tastes.  Each one attempts to mimic the shape of lathed wood, resulting in a very contemporary style (yes, of course, it had us at “lamp made with LEGO bricks,” too).

You can order the LEGO Table Lamps directly from Sean Kenney’s website.  Prices range from $695 to $895.

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