LEGO Technic Service Truck Set 42008 Pics

Do you occasionally need to tow some of your LEGO trucks when their batteries give out? Not a problem with the upcoming LEGO Technic Service Truck, a 24-7 big rig towing behemoth that can probably tow all those trucks that tow other trucks when their engines conk out.

Armed with its own battery and motor, this isn’t just a stationary piece of wheeled monster to earn dust in a shelf. Instead, it’s a full on driveable vehicle that you can use to tow other trucks, run down cars, or crash every Barbie dollhouse in sight. Features of the LEGO Technic Service Truck include pneumatic functions, motorized lift, motorized outriggers, and two possible builds.

LEGO technic service truck, set number 42008 is expected to be available August 2013 with a suggested retail price of $129.99.