LEGO Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing Starfighter Recreates Luke Skywalker’s T-65 From The Original Trilogy

For over 20 years, Star Wars fans have looked to LEGO’s Ultimate Collectors Series to bring large, highly-detailed models of the storied starships from the galaxy far, far away. And they haven’t disappointed, releasing such stellar sets as the Millennium Falcon, the Republic Gunship, and even a two-foot tall AT-AT under the line. This year, they’re reinforcing the line with one of the most iconic starships in the entire franchise in the form of the LEGO Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing Starfighter.

That’s right, the rebel ship with the proton torpedoes that blew up the Death Star is the newest addition to the UCS line, allowing you to add a heavily-armed dogfighter to your Rebel Alliance fleet. Whether you’re assembling a fleet of starfighters to battle the Empire, recreating an iconic battle scene from the films, or just looking to add a badass T-65 to your Star Wars display, this thing would make for a great toy to bring to anyone’s collection.

The LEGO Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing Starfighter is a model replica of the T-65 starfighter Luke Skywalker flew in the original trilogy, which saw the Force-sensitive Rebel pilot shoot down the Death Star’s thermal exhaust ports with a pair of proton torpedoes to begin a chain reaction that eventually destroyed the massive battle station. While it’s definitely not the first X-Wing to make its appearance in LEGO’s UCS lineup, being a contemporary set means it comes with greater detail and more complex elements than the outfit’s previous efforts, making this both a more interesting build and a much more stunning display model.

According to the outfit, this is the first LEGO model to recreate the ship’s tapered hexagonal nose section, the proper rear angle of those X-shaped wings, and the correct scale size and shape for the engines. Because of its larger size, they’re able to add a lot more details to smaller parts of the ship like the thrusters, cockpit, and wings, making for an extremely fun toy to inspect closely.

The LEGO Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing Starfighter has a dial on top that you can turn to adjust the position of the wings from flight mode to attack mode and back, while a roomy cockpit allows it to accommodate both Luke Skywalker and R2-D2, so you can have our two heroes together when they embark on their next adventure. Yes, the set comes with minifigures of both characters, with Luke even getting a lightsaber and an outfit designed specifically for the set. A total of 1,949 pieces are included in the set, so while it’s far from the biggest of LEGO’s current sets, that’s enough to make for quite an immersive building project. It measures 21.5 x 10.5 x 17.5 inches (length x height x width) when fully assembled.

The model comes with a buildable display stand that you can use to show off the ship in a dynamic-looking skyward angle. They also threw in a printed UCS plaque, so there’s no need to apply any stickers like in previous LEGO sets.

The LEGO Ultimate Collector Series X-Wing Starfighter  is available now, priced at $239.99.

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