Move The Earth With This LEGO Technic Volvo Wheel Loader

Sure, the LEGO Technic Volvo Wheel Loader is nowhere near that gigantic Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter the company showed off a while back.  When it comes to new Technic sets you can actually buy, however, this is the biggest to come out this year.  And it’s absolutely awesome.

Developed in partnership with Volvo Construction Equipment, it’s a replica of the Volvo L350F, the company’s largest and most technologically advanced heavy-duty earth mover.   Not only can it be driven, the entire thing is fully operational, so you can use it to dig dirt, haul sand, and move stones in the backyard.

The LEGO Technic Volvo Wheel Loader, which comes with 1,636 parts, measures 22 x 6 x 9 inches (l x w x h).  It’s designed to house three motors (one XL, one large, and one medium), with the XL boasting six cylinders, moving pistons, and even an onboard fan to keep it cooled down.   Because it requires complex operation, the thing comes with a pair of remotes, one for driving the machinery and another for controlling the lift arm that can reach up to 14 inches in the air.  And, yes, you can operate each remote using just one hand, so you can drive the machine while digging on the ground at the same time.  Features include articulated servo steering, a massive tipping bucket for hauling huge piles of dirt, and the ability to lift over two pounds of load.  And if you get  bored digging dirt, the set can be alternatively rebuilt into a Volvo A25F articulated hauler.

Available now, the LEGO Technic Volvo Wheel Loader retails for $249.99.

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