LEGO Watch System: Colorful, Whimsical Timepieces For Adults

LEGO’s line of watches has been out a few years now.  So far, however, they’ve been aimed strictly at younger fans of the popular construction toy.  But what about the grown men who love their LEGO with the same deep affection as an 8-year-old putting his first set together?  Well, they’re about to get you covered, too, with the LEGO Watch System.

A line of LEGO-themed watches for adults, it brings construction brick swag into your daily fashion accessorizing.  Sure, rocking colorful plastic watches with LEGO graphics on it isn’t really how your mom envisioned her grown son dressing well into his adult age, but we all have to live with small disappointments in this thing called life.  Just roll with it, baby.

The LEGO Watch System is a comprehensive collection of timepieces, all of which feature interchangeable bezels and bracelet links just like LEGO’s kids watches.  The selection include both analog and digital dials, with designs that range from wacky (seriously, an analog face with goofy minifig heads for hour indicators called LEGO Fan Club) to stylishly normal (a few straightforward designs with nothing more than a small, unobtrusive LEGO symbol).  Watch cases appear to be standard 40mm in size, with mineral glass crystal, Japanese quartz movement, and 50-meter water resistance.

Construction is mostly plastic, although some models have aluminum or steel parts.  Each one comes in a single block color for the case and links (either white, blue, yellow, black, pink, orange, or red).   With the swappable parts, of course, you can easily put together watches with crazy color combos, in case wearing a LEGO watch doesn’t quite feel goofy enough.

Availability for the LEGO Watch System is slated November 2013, with prices starting at $85.

[via A Blog To Watch]