360-Degree Wheels Allow This Motorized Skateboard To Carve, Slide, And Spin Like A Snowboard


Yes, it’s technically a motorized skateboard. Leif, however, insists that their eSnowboard performs closer to a snowboard riding downhill on powder, allowing you to bring the exhilarating thrills of the alpine sport into your everyday commutes.

Unlike traditional skateboards that run on four wheels, this unusually-styled ride comes with a total of six – the usual four sitting on trucks at either end of the deck and two omni-directional wheels strategically-placed just behind the trucks. This allows it to carve, slide, and spin a full 360 degrees the way only snowboards do, adding an entirely new dimension to your longboard commute.


A pair of 1,295-watt hub motors set up on the omni-directional wheels allow the Leif eSnowboard to run at speeds of up to 23 mph, all while producing enough torque to push it up 15 percent grade inclines. The onboard battery can keep it running for up to just 15 miles, although an easily swappable design allows you to quickly pop in a fresh one to keep a ride going. To further reinforce the snowboard design, it keeps your feet securely on the deck using a pair of quick-release bindings that you can adjust in height, stance width, and riding angle to enable a snug fit.


Features include a thumb-operated handheld Bluetooth controller, Never Summer decks, and a water-resistant design that ensures you can ride it out no matter the weather. It comes in three deck lengths: 77, 82, and 87 cm.

Available now, the Leif eSnowboard is priced starting at $1,649.

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