Lenovo Yoga Book Just May Be The Most Uniquely Awesome Tablet We’ve Seen Yet


Lenovo has never been shy about coming up with novel form factors for their gadgets and their newest tablet definitely ramps it up in the innovative front. Called the Lenovo Yoga Book, it’s a new device that tows the already-muddled line between tablets and convertible notebooks.

Just like regular convertible laptops, you can fold it to the back for tablet-style use, as well as position it like a laptop to do some typing work. Unlike them, however, it doesn’t use a physical keyboard. Rather, it’s has a giant touchpad with haptic feedback that displays keyboard outlines when working in laptop mode, so it’s essentially like using a second tablet as a virtual keyboard.


When not in use as a keyboard, the Lenovo Yoga Book’s oversized touchpad also functions as a digitizer tablet that you can draw on using the accompanying stylus. Even cooler, you can remove the nib on that stylus and replace it with an ink cartridge for use as a pen. You can then use that pen to write on any notebook or pad that’s laying on top of the touchpad to immediately digitize everything you jot down, making this device a truly versatile beast.


Features include a 10.1-inch touchscreen, Dolby Atmos speakers, an Intel Atom processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, microSD slot (up to 128GB), and a battery rated at 13 hours of use. It comes in both Android and Windows 10 flavors.

Available now, pricing for the Lenovo Yoga Book starts at $499.

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