Lensbaby Spark Brings Affordable Selective Focus Shooting To Your DSLR

Sure, you can use Photoshop to create bokeh-rich focus effects on your photographs, but wouldn’t you rather peek into your camera and see the hazy creative effects already on the scene?  The new Lensbaby Spark lets you do just that at an affordable price.

A “sweet spot, selective focus” lens, the new accessory lets you move the focus on an image as you go, creating a sweet spot surrounded by gradually increasing blur.  You can put that sweet spot dead center, towards a small area on the corner or anywhere else in the frame by simply squeezing on the lens tube, creating the hazy bokeh effects right before you snap.

Designed to work with Canon EF and Nikon F mounts, the Lensbaby Spark features a unique 50mm multi-coated doublet optic, an f/5.6 fixed aperture and a focusing range of 13 inches onwards.  It’s lightweight, too, so it should barely add much heft to your packed Ultimate Photographers Bag. Granted, manually focusing a sweet spot isn’t quite as clean as fancying up the finished shot with Photoshop, but we doubt the latter is also half as fun.

If you’ve been a longtime fan of Lensbaby products, you’ll be glad to know this is compatible with their Optic Swap System, as well as all of their 37mm threaded accessory lenses.   Basically, that means you can combine it with their other lenses for even fancier results.

The best part?  The Lensbaby Spark makes the fanciness affordable, priced at just $80.

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