Plinko Bottle Opener Lets You Play The Price Is Right With Every Beer You Open


There are few games as simple yet as compelling as the Plinko on The Price is Right. You drop a chip, your chip passes through some obstacles that alters its path, and you get whatever price it eventually lands on. It’s intuitive yet so exciting to watch for those few seconds the chip makes its way through the pegs. Now, you can play the game every time you open a bottle of refreshment with the Leroy Woodworks Plinko Bottle Opener.

That’s right, someone created a bottle opener that sends the bottle cap down to a full-fledged Plinko board, so you can play your own The Price is Right mini-game right from the comfort of your kitchen. Whether you want to amuse yourself while chugging beers, entertain friends while chugging beers, or make some money bets while chugging beers, this thing should make for a perfect drinking accessory.


The Leroy Woodworks Plinko Bottle Opener is a wooden board with a bottle opener on top. Crack a bottle open and leave the cap to fall down a set of pegs situated below the bottle opener, then watch it bounce around the pegs on its way down, straight to one of the six columns at the bottom. Each column is duly numbered, so people can announce their guesses as to which spot the cap will end up in, making this a perfect game to bust out at any time during a party. Looking for a way to break the ice? This thing will do the trick. Need a game to keep everyone busy? Yes, this will work. How about an alternative to beer pong by the time everyone’s too drunk to actually dunk any balls from a distance? Yes, absolutely.

A clear acrylic board sits on top of the peg area to keep the cap from falling off while it’s on the way down, while magnets at the floor of each column ensure the cap will be held down as soon as it falls in. The acrylic board is hinged to the wooden board, by the way, so it can be opened like a door any time you need to clean the pegs or remove stuck bottle caps.

The Leroy Woodworks Plinko Bottle Opener measures 12 x 20 inches (width x height), so it’s not too big to find room for in a table, making it easy to set up during a party. It’s also just the right size for hanging as a wall display the rest of the time you’re not partying, whether in the kitchen, the bedroom, or the living room.

While the default design has the six columns numbers, they offer customizations for the labels. In its place, you can ask to place instructions (e.g. take one drink, take two drinks), images of actions, or any other label you have in mind. Oh yeah, they can also add logos for businesses at the middle of the board, just in case you want to have your bar’s name emblazoned on it when you show it off at your spot.

Available at Etsy, pricing for the Leroy Woodworks Plinko Bottle starts at $60.

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