Let The Blood Flow To Your Butt

circulation-improving-chairThe circulation improving seat cushion is a alternate- pressure inflating seat cushion that helps circulation and helps to lessen the pressure points in the posterior and legs. Perfect for people that are seated for long periods of time especially ones wheelchair bound. No more feeling like your posterior has gone to sleep after long periods of being seated. The cushion has twelve airbags that inflate and deflate helping the blood to circulate through soft tissue that normally receives insufficient amounts of blood flow during long hours being seated. It has a compact design for ease of travel so take it with you to work, on a plane or anywhere you might think you’ll need to sit for a long while.
The twelve minute process helps distribute weight evenly across the posterior preventing blood vessel and capillary constriction. Works great for long flights or road trips or those with secretary jobs. Anyone that has to remain sitting for long hours should indeed be in the market for this wonderful product.
The cushion is rechargeable, batteries lasting up to forty-eight hours at a time after a two hour charge, and it includes an AC adapter. Also the Circulation Improving Seat Cushion comes with a lifetime guarantee, and it’s the perfect gift for that friend or loved one who spends hours upon tedious hours in a chair.

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