Let’s Pizza Vending Machine Coming To US Soon

A pizza vending machine apparently exists.  And there are plenty of them already. And no, these wonderful cooking wizards don’t just reheat frozen pizzas in a hidden microwave either.  Instead, the Let’s Pizza vending machine can whip up a complete pizza from scratch, using its robotic wiles to produce freshly-baked pies in just 2.5 minutes.

Made by Dutch company A1 Concepts, the contraption houses a full-fledged robot pizzaioli under its steely cabinet frame. While you can’t quite watch it perform juggling feats with the dough, it is still one impressive piece of machinery.

Let’s Pizza keeps no premade pizza inside — just the bare ingredients.  As soon as you slide in your money and select a flavor, the machine proceeds to mix flour and water, kneading the mixture into a crust that measures 10.5 inches in diameter.  Then, it lays on the sauce and the toppings before proceeding to nuke the whole thing in a fast-acting infrared oven.  We’re not sure how it tastes, but that definitely sounds more promising than what you can get from those frozen microwave pizzas in the grocery.

All the ingredients installed in the vending machines are fresh, refrigerated in single-dose vacuum-packaged containers until they are used for cooking.  Each one stocks up enough ingredients to make up to 200 of the freshly-baked treats.

The Let’s Pizza vending machines have been available in Europe for the past three years and are set to make their US debut sometime during the third quarter.  Suggested retail price is $5.95 per pizza.

Check out the video of the pizza vending machine in action below.


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