Letto dayBed: This Dog Bed Is Nicer (And Pricier) Than My Living Room Sofa


Don’t like the dog getting all its fur on the couch and other furniture around the house? We feel your pain. If you’re going to make them quit trying to sneak their way in, however, your best recourse is to find them other ways to lounge around the house. The Letto dayBed offers one of the more superfluous options we’ve seen.

Designed by Gerd Couckhuyt for MiaCara, the seating furniture takes on a traditional daybed profile, albeit in dimensions that are more suited for your favorite mutt. As such, it’s smaller and lower than the one you’ve probably got in the living room, so it shouldn’t take up too much space while being perfectly-sized to accommodate your pet.


The MiaCara Letto dayBed has a body crafted in powder-coated aluminum that, the outfit claims, is virtually indestructible, with raised side panels to give your dog angled surfaces to lean on. It pairs that with 50s-style ash wood legs and a soft mattress that combines polyurethane foam with Trevita CS upholstery, turning out a piece of furniture that won’t look too out of place even in the most stylishly-designed homes. The mattress is both reversible and washable, by the way, so you can either turn it over when it’s a bit soiled or throw it into the washer for cleaning.


Want one? The MiaCara Letto daybed is priced at €899.

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