Letto Zip Bed Lets You Hide Your Messy Sheets

Do you also hate making the bed?  Good for you.  It is a soulless activity that’s neither fun nor life-affirming.  As you can tell, I’m not a fan, either.  That’s why I think this Letto Zip Bed is one of the greatest bedroom inventions ever.

Created by Italian outfit, Florida Furniture, the clever bunk is designed to let you skip folding the sheets, while leaving your sleeping area looking clean.  How can that happen?  By having a zip-up dress that covers the entire surface of the mattress, so when guests accidentally stumble in the room, they’ll have no idea it is inhabited by lazy people.

The Letto Zip Bed measures 7.87 x 6.56 x 2.72 feet, with a mattress slightly smaller in dimensions so it can be covered up neatly for effective camouflaging.  Zippers run along the entire edge of the bed, where you can attach a completely detachable cover that can also double as an extra blanket (just in case the comforter isn’t enough).

Each bed uses padded frames with a slightly rounded look for that modernist bedroom aesthetic.  They use Emmecia fabrics throughout the whole construction, in your choice of white, gray or blue pallettes for the outer side.

Back in the day, there were only two ways a messy bedroom inhabitant can get a clutter-free sleeping area: marry someone who doesn’t mind doing it or hiring a maid.  With the Letto Zip Bed, there’s now a third course of action.  We have no idea on pricing, but you can learn more about it from the Florida Furniture website.

[Letto Zip Bed via Trendir]