Lever Gear CableKit Is The EDC Charging Kit You Never Knew You Needed

It’s easy enough to bring charging cables anywhere you go. The problem is keeping them tidy. Cables are just naturally a mess, requiring you to be vigilant in tidying up every time you use them. The Lever Gear CableKit offers a simpler way to bring charging cables along.

Designed to simplify your charging rig, it bundles multiple charging tools in a single enclosure that you can clip to your pocket, drop in your wallet, or hook onto your keychain. That way, you’ll never be caught without charging cables whenever you need them, all without having to deal with the mess of having to roll a length of cable into a neat bundle.

The Lever Gear CableKit consists of a carrying case with designated slots for a short flat cable with a Lightning connector on one end and a regular USB plug on the other, a Lightning-to-USB-C adapter, and a SIM card eject tool, all of which are included in the kit. The case also includes a slot for carrying two SIM cards or microSD cards, so you can use this for a whole lot of your mobile computing gear, as well as a key ring loop for hooking it up with all your keys and a pocket clip for mounting it to the edge of your pants or shirt pocket.

According to the outfit, the case will provide the necessary protection to keep the cable and adapter undamaged through the rigors of everyday use, ensuring you can keep using this for a long period of time

The main charging cable has a unibody TPE construction, so there’s no junction between the cable and connector, minimizing the likelihood of breaking or ripping the cable ends that occasionally happens with regular USB cables. With a Lightning connector and a USB-A on either end, this should handle all the charging for your older Apple devices, while the USB-C adapter, which connects to the Lightning tip, handles all newer Apple products. That same USB-C adapter, by the way, can also work with any modern smartphone or tablet that uses USB-C, so this can handle much more than Apple devices.

The Lever Gear CableKit’s included cable and adapter, by the way, support both charging and data, so you can use it to charge your phone and transfer files with equal ease. It uses 26AWG wires that deliver 10A of current, too, so this should charge as fast as any cable you’re currently using. The included metal eject tool, which has its own slot on the case, should make it a whole lot easier to change SIM cards and hard reset your gadgets, apart from saving you from the hassle of having to find toothpicks and safety pins whenever your phone’s SIM card is acting up. Plus, that slot for two small cards should make it simpler to carry microSD cards or backup SIM cards whenever you’re traveling.

The Lever Gear CableKit is available now. If you’re not an iPhone user, there’s also a version that replaces the Lightning connector with a microUSB tip.

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