Denim For Urban Cyclists: Levi’s 511 Commuter Series

There’s no bigger name than Levi’s when it comes to jeans.  So when they put out special products servicing your market, you know you’ve arrived.  And bicycle-riding commuters finally get something specially for them: the Levi’s 511 Commuter Jean and Trucker Jacket.

Designed for folks who choose to leave the cars at home for everyday city-roaming duties, the denim garments come fashioned with bicycling-specific performance traits, all while being perfectly functional street wear.   Just like the cyclist-friendly Osloh Pants.  Except it’s denim and looks really sweet.

Both jeans and jacket in the Levi’s 511 Commuter Series use fabrics with a nanosphere treatment, making them resistant to water, repellant to dirt and more durable than regular fabrics.  It’s easy to get wet, dirty and tattered up when you roll unsheltered (assuming you didn’t install a Veltop, of course) with a pedal, after all, so this should be welcome news to all the urban cyclists sick of donning regular garments.  They got Sanitized tech for protection against odor, too, since bicycling makes you sweaty (and, usually, nasty-smelling).

Details are scant on the trucker jacket, but the jeans sound like a dream pair for city cyclists.  Based on the 411 Skinny design, it comes in full-length and cropped styles, both in denim and non-denim versions.  Bicyclist-friendly features include 3M Scotch Lite reflective fabric (for nighttime visibility), a soft-stretch quality for unencumbered movement, raised back yoke (so cars behind can’t see you’re wearing JeanPants boxers), extra-reinforced crotch, double back layer pockets and a U-lock storage system along the belt area.

We can’t find the Levi’s 511 Commuter Jean and Trucker Jacket from the company’s website yet, but both pieces are supposed to launch this week.

[via PSFK]