Levi’s and Target Made A Denim-and-Sherpa Bean Bag Chair To Match Your Levi’s Trucker Jacket

Denim trucker jackets with Sherpa fabric lining have long been among Levi’s outerwear staples. That combination of rugged denim on the outside and a warm fleece-like fabric on the inside delivers a garment that’s equal parts stylish and comfortable. As such, we’re not surprised that same combination makes its way onto the Levi’s x Target Denim & Sherpa Bean Bag Chair.

That’s right, this collaboration between Levi’s and Target appropriates those popular trucker jacket materials in a cushy anatomic seating. Whether you want a bean bag you can park in front of the bedroom TV for console gaming, one you can put next to the home office setup for when you need a break from the PC, or just one to celebrate your post-divorce bachelorhood (hey, got to find the bright side), this thing should make for a good-looking streetwear-inspired option.

The Levi’s x Target Denim & Sherpa Bean Bag Chair is an indoor seating covered in a combination of textured Sherpa fabric and classic blue denim. Unlike other bean bag chairs that simply give you a round sack that conforms to your shape over time, it has a little more built-in structure, with raised arm rests and a tall back rest, so it feels a lot more like proper furniture than the usual dorm room staple. The Sherpa fabric, by the way, goes on the upper sections of the chair, so all the parts that touch your body are cut in the smooth material, while the rest is covered in good old blue denim, the same material found in those countless Levi’s jeans you’ve probably owned through the years.

That Sherpa and denim cover is removable, by the way, so you can throw it in the washer when all the chips you eat and drinks you spill eventually take their toll on the darn thing. Yes, you’ll probably need to wash this regularly, especially since the Sherpa comes in a pristine white finish, so it’s not quite as low-maintenance as that black leather bean bag chair you lived with all through your college stay. It does, however, look a lot more refined, making this a better fit for a grown-up’s abode.

Inside, the Levi’s x Target Denim & Sherpa Bean Bag Chair is filled with 100 percent polystyrene beads, so it should be just as comfortable and cushy as any of your favorite bean bag products. It comes in two sizes, one for kids (22 x 22 x 27 inches, width x depth x height) and one for adults (28 x 28 x 34 inches), so it’s big enough to accommodate you when you curl up while watching a movie, lie down on your side to read something on your phone, or fold your feet in like you’re doing yoga while focusing all your attention on the first-person shootout you’re engaged in onscreen. The whole thing weighs just 12 pounds for the adult version and six pounds for the kids’, so it’s light enough to easily move around the house without needing any help.

The Levi’s x Target Denim & Sherpa Bean Bag Chair is available now.

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