LFlect Brings Reflective Fashion To Knitwear


Wearing lights on your clothing sounds like a stupid idea, even if it is a brilliant way to stay visible in the dark (e.g. for cyclists).  Reflective yarn sort of solves that dilemma, allowing you to remain easily discernible without making you look like a walking Christmas decoration.

Lost Value’s new Lflect line of knitted accessories could prove an even nicer compromise, allowing you to wear reflective night-time gear that look damn swell even under daylight.  The line features several accessory pieces (scarves, hats, bags, ties and even pompons) that you can put on daily to serve as extra illumination to make sure you’re seen under the dark.


Why not just don full reflective yarn clothing?  Well, if you bike home every night, you’re going to have to fill up that closet with plenty of new stuff.  Using accessories, on the other hand, you can mix and match at will.  If you don’t want to wear it, just slip it in a bag and pull it out when you need the extra reflectors.


Lflect’s line uses reflective yarn, combined with wool from the Highlands of Scotland.  All handmade pieces can be washed and ironed like any wool products, so no extra precautions to take, save for the regular handling of fabrics.

There’s no better way to look like a Christmas tree every night of the week, all while looking perfectly normal during the day.  Individual pieces currently available from their site consists of a wooly hat (starting from £63.00, depending on size), a fruit bag (£68.00), reflective tie (£52.00), hairband (£32.00), scarf (£64.00) and pompons (£16.00).

[Lost Values ]