LG 100-Inch Laser TV: Because Everything Is Better With Lasers

Anything made with lasers is automatically on our want-list.  And when it’s something as good as the 100-inch LG Laser TV, you can bet a large portion of the superhero headquarters fund is automatically devoted to its acquisition.

Granted, you don’t exactly get a light show of lasers beaming into a flat panel, so it’s nowhere near as campy as I’ve always wanted the sci-fi living room in my head to look like.  Regardless, it’s lasers. On your TV.  And that’s all we ever really wanted.

Because of the laser diode light source, the LG 100-Inch Laser TV delivers more displayable colors with richer saturation, with the high-speed lasers practically obliterating any hint of motion blur.  Setup consists of a tabletop DLP projector (manual focus) designed to sit under the gargantuan screen, beaming pictures up the wall-mounted viewing panel.  Details include 1920 x 1080 pixels of native resolution, 150 nits of brightness, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and a 178 degree viewing angle, making for a seriously badass presence front and center in your entertainment center.  And just in case you’re wondering how big a 100-inch TV is,  LG says this covers around the same screen area as four 50-inch TVs, so it, essentially, turns your living room into a legit mini-theater.

It comes with all the AV inputs and outputs you’d expect from a modern TV, along with extras, like a USB slot (for inserting media like DivX movies), DTV tuner, wireless DLNA,  and wireless mirroring, among others.  LG’s Smart TV software is also onboard, along with an included Magic Remote.

The LG 100-Inch Laser TV is available now, priced at $8,999.99.

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